Indonesian Film Festival Hits Melbourne

This news report was originally published on the City Journal Online.

Summary: A film festival is strengthening the relationship between Indonesia and Australia, by offering Australians an insight into Indonesian culture. Brittany Stewart reports.

The Indonesian film festival, now in it’s eighth year, is the largest showcase of Indonesian film culture in Australia. Eight films will be shown at ACMI, where the festival returns to after being held at RMIT’s Capitol Theatre last year. President of the RMIT Indonesian Student’s Association, Tracy Indra Kusuma, says that as well as strengthening Indonesian-Australian relationships the festival also teaches other lessons. “Not only do they screen films of Indonesia, but also they teach us about how to direct and how to understand screen culture in Indonesia, how they picture Indonesia as a culture and bring it to international audiences.” The festival will run until the 2nd May. Brittany Stewart, City Journal News, Melbourne.