Megan Park Spring Summer ’13 Launch

This article was first published on Onya Magazine on August 28th 2013

One look at Megan Park’s Spring/Summer ‘13 collection and I’m already longing for the warm rays of summer. Bright colours of sulphur, poppy and orchid in light summer fabrics and vibrant floral prints dominate the collection, inspired by the label’s recent trip to India.

Guests at the launch are treated to cool iced tea served in cute glasses and macaroons in gorgeous hues that match the collection. With the winter sunshine streaming though the Armadale store’s glass front, the intimate showing of some of the key pieces begins with Megan Park herself providing commentary.

Park describes the latest collection as, “what she hopes is the right side of hippy.” Today she is a perfect example of this, looking relaxed but chic in silk navy trousers and top.

The top is one of the pieces that this season saw the label collaborate with two of Park’s favourite artists – Nan Scott and illustrative artist Dylan Martorell. These unique prints appear on the darker coloured pieces in the collection and are perfectly modelled by Park.

Most of the collection is already in store, but we are shown a number of pieces that will be introduced in the coming months, including a new holiday capsule collection arriving in November. Speaking of the spring carnival month – this collection is the first to also include race wear headpieces. They’re not on show today, but if what we do see is anything to go by, Megan Park may be the place to visit for racing headwear.

The relaxed bohemian collection is cohesive, fresh, summery yet diverse. A bright sulphur yellow drop waist dress features a week’s worth (!) of shadow work embroidery, while a navy dress with a beaded neckline looks effortlessly stylish.


Megan Park Macarons

I have two favourite looks of the afternoon: the first a fuchsia pink linen shirt dress with a cute embroidered collar absolutely perfect for a summer’s day and the second a pair of silk trousers in a soft multi-coloured print. There’s also a very cute mini rail of kids clothes, too.

A key difference in Megan Park compared to other labels is their emphasis on designing what they feel rather than being solely dictated by trends. Whilst what they produce fits in with the seasons, it can also be worn for years after and in a number of different ways. For example, Park tells us of seeing what she had imagined as purely a beach kaftan being worn as a shirt to work.

The accessories of the collection are also standouts. Scarves in the same bright prints as the clothes, dazzling beaded and embroidered necklaces and my absolute favourite – a fluorescent beaded clutch. In terms of styling, do as Park does and don’t be afraid to pair statement jewellery like her embroidered necklaces with clashing prints for a striking effect.


With such gorgeous offerings for the warmer season, I can only ask one thing. Summer – hurry up!

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