REVIEW: The Blogosphere

This post was first published as part of Brittany’s Catalyst blogging residency, ‘The Two Review’ with fellow student Alexandra McManus. The Two Review offered a unique double review of all things MelbourneBelow, however are just Brittany’s parts of the post.

Summary: The Two review their favourite fashion, food and lifestyle blogs.


The Two Review: The Blogosphere

While stuck indoors preparing for their final uni assessments (AKA procrastinating on the wonderous thing known as the internet), The Two decided to turn their attention to the blogosphere by reviewing some of the most popular blogs viewed by Australians. The Two have each chosen their favourite fashion, food, lifestyle and miscellaneous blog, and reviewed it for your convenience. There are so many blogs starting up on a daily basis, but which are worth clicking on?



B: This is best blog to peruse when you’re in despair over ‘having nothing to wear’. Entirely dedicated to Melbourne street fashion, photographer Liz Mcleish snaps the incredibly diverse and stylish peeps she spots on the street. It gives a great insight into what the people of Melbourne are really wearing and how they’re styling it. I like to think of her as our equivalent to The Sartorialist  – and the blog has a really nice, clean, and attractive layout too.

The verdict: 4/5 clicks

 Ally’s choice: Lady Melbourne

B: I love Lady Melbourne, too – I’ve met her a few times and she is absolutely lovely! Her blog is always a pleasure to look at, and I love how she has her own unique and quirky sense of style, but always looks very ladylike. She often mixes vintage, op-shop, high street and Australian designer items while maintaining impeccable nails. It’s not just stylish pictures, though – on the Lady Melbourne blog you’ll always find detailed and intelligent fashion commentary alongside the pretty photographs.

The verdict: 3.5/5 clicks


Brittany’s choice: Not Quite Nigella

B: I was first drawn to this blog for the brilliant name – given Nigella Lawson is one of my favourite chefs with all the chocolate, butter, cream and general goodness she includes in every recipe. Lorraine Elliott – the blog’s almost Nigella – offers both recipes and restaurant reviews with photographs guaranteed to make your stomach rumble. She’s just released a memoir of the same name about baking and blogging with tips on how to win a man’s heart through food – sounds like a winning combination to me! My only criticism would be that I find the blog layout a bit busy and it is only Sydney based. But the detailed personal anecdotes woven into the recipes and reviews make it well worth it.

The verdict: 3/5 clicks

Ally’s choice: Love and Lemons

B: This is probably my favourite looking blog – very minimalistic cool, with healthy recipes and arty photos detailing each step. Never has healthy food looked so mouth-watering! Meat lovers may not be so keen, given most recipes are vegetarian, but they sound good enough to make me contemplate giving up bacon altogether. In fact, it’s making me hungry just looking at it…

The verdict: 3.5/5 clicks


Brittany’s choice: Garry Pepper

B: Nicole Warne, AKA Gary Pepper Girl, is basically living my dream life. She’s a jack of all trades – a blogger, writer, model, stylist, entrepeuner and TV presenter to name just a few, and looks effortlessly stylish wherever she is (which tends to change on a daily basis). Her blog combines fashion, travel and photography and offers the perfect daydream escape from assignments/work/tedious reality. The photography is absolutely stunning, and while she could wear anything and look amazing, her style is impeccable. It’s classic chic with a twist – gorgeously cut clothes paired with bold colours, clean minimal jewellery and always finished off with a pair of to-die for shoes. Ah, I’m in love.

The verdict: 4.5/5 clicks

 Ally’s choice: A Cup of Jo

B: A Cup of Jo is a very personal blog from magazine writer and journalist turned full-time blogger and mum Joanna Goddard. Posts range from snaps of New York City and cute baby pictures to reports on style trends and dating advice. I love it. It’s personal, well written and engaging without being self-indulgent. And if like me, you’re nosey and curious about other people’s lives, it will certainly give you your fix.

The verdict: 4/5 clicks


Brittany’s choice: Esme and the Laneway

B: Vintage isn’t normally my cup of tea – I have an irrational fear of anything secondhand coming from someone I don’t know – but looking at Esme and the Laneway sure makes me wish I lived in a vintage haze! The crimson lipped lady behind the blog is Marianne, a lover of all things vintage and Melbourne. She looks like a 40’s film star and the blog is full of dreamy photography and of course being Melbourne based, coffee. The tone is chatty and very easy to read – don’t be surprised if you lose a couple of hours on here! I have a massive girl crush on her, and I don’t think I’ve done a very good job of hiding it.

The verdict: 4/5 clicks

Ally’s choice: Flamingo Pink

B: I could probably spend my life on Flamingo Pink. The blog covers all manner of things, from body to beauty and life to love. Everything is well written and strikes a good balance between being informative and humorous. The beauty and fashion tips are useful and easy to follow – the perfect girlie indulgence blog!

The verdict: 4/5 clicks

Now that you’ve read all about the blogs that The Two think are worth checking out in the blogosphere, it’s also a great time to have a look at their personal ones too. Find Brittany at Halcyon Future Fashion and Ally at Maneuvered Steps.The Two hope those who have never had an interest in blogs can now have a roam around the internet for inspiration, motivation, or the most popular – procrastination.

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