Pantone Colour Of The Year: Radiant Orchid

This article was first published on Stylizen on 3rd February 2014


Radiant Orchid | Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2014

Last year they had us (emerald) green with envy, but according to Pantone, 2014 will be all about the colour ’18-3224’ – or ‘Radiant Orchid’ to us common folk. Seeking inspiration from all over the world, Pantone have named the captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones as their colour of the year.

Since it’s inception over a decade ago, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced products and designs in all sorts of industries, including fashion, home and industrial and graphic design. Bottom line – you’re about to see this colour everywhere.

Selected for it’s ‘invitation for innovation, creativity and originality’, Radiant Orchid is certainly a pleasing shade to look at – but how can you incorporate it into your life? We show how to style and wear it in your wardrobe, beauty bag and home.

In your closet

It’s not just a name – the rosy undertones of the colour really do radiate the skin, producing a healthy glow for all skintones. It’s a great unisex colour that will command attention and stand out from the pack. Go bold by opting for a dress in the block colour or print, or wear with pieces you already own by choosing Radiant Orchid coloured accessories.

Radiant beauty

Radiant Orchid is a modern and surprisingly versatile shade. As it’s a blend of both cool and warm undertones, it’s flattering for many hair, eye and skin tone combinations. Easily incorporate it into your make-up routine by trying it out on your lips, eyes and of course, nails.

For the home

This eye catching, refreshing and calming hue will easily lift your home interiors. Working best in accent pieces and accessories, why not consider painting an accent wall in your living room or bedroom? Sharp black and white prints and frames will add a modern and stylish touch to any radiant orchid walls, while the adaptable shade also complements olive and deep hunter greens.

We think it all looks gorgeous paired with turquoise, teals and even light yellows. The vibrant colour can also be used to brighten up neutrals, and for a super quick and easy update, pop fresh Radiant Orchid coloured flowers in a stylish vase.