Get The Look: Cara’s Brows

This article was first published on Stylizen on 26th February 2014



Get The Look: Cara Delevigne’s Brows

Cara Delevigne is giving us serious brow envy.

They’re the brows that have their own twitter account (@eyebrow_cara in case you were wondering) and are even reportedly responsible for a significant spike in requests for eyebrow transplants, but you don’t need serious surgery to steal Cara Delevingne’s strong brow look. No, with our easy brow kit and tips, you can rock the bushy brows in no time (and it’s totally pain free!)

The Kit

1. The Tweezers – La-Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers, $26.40, available at Facial Company;

2. The Eyebrow Brush/Comb – Shu Uemura Synthetic Eyebrow Brush, $20, available at David Jones;

3. The Shadow – Laura Mercier Eyebrow Powder Duo, $35, available at David Jones;

4. The Angled Brow Brush – Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Bush, $42, available at Bobbi Brown;

5. The Pencil – Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo, $44, available at Estee Lauder;

6. The Highlighter – Models Prefer Brow Highlighter, $9.99, available at Priceline;

7. The Brow Gel – gloMinerals Brow Gel, $24, available at Facial Company.

And finally…

8. Add to your handbag – For touch ups on the go, look no further than the ModelCo Eyebrow Designers Brow Kit, complete with powders, wax, tweezers and two angled brushes. ModelCo Eyebrow Designers Brow Kit, $39, available at ModelCo.

9. Blonde Brows – If you’ve got blonde brows, keep his one handy – Australis Brow Tint, $9.95, available atPriceline.

Get The Look

Step 1: Prep your eyebrows by plucking any major stray hairs, before taming them with an eyebrow brush.

Step 2: Use an angled brow brush to add eyeshadow in a shade close to your natural colour. Use a lighter touch to ensure the shadow pigment coats your hairs rather than your skin, and always make sure you’re brushing in the direction the hair is growing in.

Step 3: Start in the bottom middle working outwards to the end. Using only what’s left on the brush, move inwards. If you can’t find your shadow colour, don’t be afraid to mix two together (one lighter and one darker).

Step 4: A waxy pencil is great for filling in gaps and evening out shapes, as well as giving more precise lines than powder.

Step 5: Using a highlighting pencil, draw round your brow to accentuate it, then blend and soften with a concealer brush.

Step 6: A finishing touch of brow gel will keep the hairs in place all day. Consider clear for day and tinted for night for a stronger look.