6 Styling Tips Every Woman Should Know

This article was first published on The Trendspotter on June 10 2014

Seasons may change, fashion trends come and go, but true style lasts forever. The real fashionista keeps her finger on the pulse when it comes to must-wear trends, but always keeps these essential styling tips in mind when it’s time to get dressed in the morning.

 1. Wear Heels 

While we complain that they kill our feet, we suffer through heels for a reason – they make us look good. You’ll look polished and ready for any occasion, and most importantly feel polished and ready to take on anything. If you really can’t wear heels then wear flats and change as soon as you get to work. That said, there’s nothing worse than seeing a woman struggling to walk in her heels, so practise, practise, practise. It’ll be worth it – who can resist the glamour and sex appeal of finally finding the perfect pair?

2. Know What Works For You

People will always hold the stylish in higher regard than the fashionable, so don’t just blindly follow trends. Know your body shape, know what works for you – what emphasizes your assets and hides the flaws. Women who do this will always look well put together. There are always ways to incorporate the trends without wearing them from head to toe, so certainly observe and read about them, but apply them to yourself your way, staying true to your individual style.

3. A Good Fit Trumps Label Or Cost

It doesn’t matter what label something is or how much it cost you, if it doesn’t fit you perfectly then it’s no good. If you can’t sew, find a tailor. A good relationship with a tailor will mean you can make any item fit perfectly, as well as change and alter clothes to get them exactly how you want.

4. Stand Out From The Crowd

Try your best to be an individual and stand out from the crowd. The most attractive people in the world are the ones that are unique and have something different to say. What’s your message? Don’t be afraid to say it.

 5. Some Items Are Worth Investing In

 In the world of fast fashion, one can easily get taken with the idea of having a large wardrobe of cheaper pieces that are worn to death before being replaced with new ones. However, some items are worth investing in. A classic style coat, gorgeous bag, your dream dress, tailored suit or timeless pieces that are worth saving up for. They’ll last longer than any fast fashion item and will never go out of style and is something you’ll be proud of.

6. The Best Accessories are Attitude and Confidence

What is the final touch to any outfit that will seal your stylish credibility? It is attitude and confidence, wear what you want with pride. The worst thing is seeing someone letting their clothes wear them, rather than the other way round. Break the rules if you wish and do it with confidence. Your mantra? Choose it, wear it, and rock it!