Hitching A Husky Ride

This article was first published in The Standard on July 10 2014

SOME people drive, others walk, but when Jeffrey Vizon has somewhere to go, he prefers something a little more special — a husky-towed skateboard.

Local residents would probably have already spotted Mr Vizon, 27, towed by his husky Mya on their way to the beach or the skate park.

A teacher’s aide at St Joseph’s Primary School, Mr Vizon was inspired by the 2006 Disney film Eight Below, in which research scientists travel Antarctica by dog sled.

“I wanted to get a heap of them actually, but obviously it’s a bit much to get six dogs to pull me along,” he said.

“I’ve skateboarded for most of my life and I wanted to keep Mya fit, so it was just easier to get her to tow me along.”

Described as doing everything on her own terms, six-year old Mya had the practice down pat after six months.

“We get a lot of double takes when we do it, but most people just smile,” Mr Vizon said.

It’s not Mya’s only talent either.

“She also likes to sing along when I play guitar to her. She’s a very lively dog,” Mr Vizon said.