Ten Reasons Why Tea Is The Perfect Summer Drink

This article was first published on Onya Magazine on November 18th 2014

While we often associate a cup of tea as a comforting drink best enjoyed by the fire and with a plate of biscuits, turns out tea doesn’t always have to be the safe and boring option. Inspired by the T2 Iced Festival, here are ten reasons why tea is the perfect drink for summer days and cocktail nights!

1. The most obvious way to enjoy tea in the warmer months, iced tea doesn’t have to be sickly sweet and sugary. The summer edition of traditional tea, it can be an extension on the flavours you like in your favourite normal tea or a chance to play inventor and cook up some unique and tasty brews.

2. Surprise! Iced tea is super easy to make at home without too much fancy or expensive equipment. Check out T2’s ‘Quick Iced Tea’ YouTube tutorial using the following recipe:


  • your favourite T2 loose leaf tea
  • tea-maker
  • boiling water
  • ice
  • teaglass/heatproof glass
  • fresh fruit 


Put 4 scoops of your chosen tea into the tea maker

Fill with boiling water

Brew for five minutes

Fill your heat resistant glass with ice

Place fruit down the sides of the glass

Pour tea in! (the tea will cool down when it hits the ice)


3. Stuck for flavour ideas? Why not try the Kyoto – a blend of peaches with Japanese sencha green tea and fruits, For black tea lovers, look no further than the 2 O’Clock Rush, a 16 hour cold brew black tea with apple, strawberry, hibiscus, pear and vanilla. I also got to create my own flavour “Peachy Keen” a beautiful smelling mix of Peach Sencha Green Tea and Rose.

4. Warning though: when you realise just how good iced tea can be, any other cold drink like milkshakes, smoothies and juices will probably become forever inadequate.

5. No get-together will ever be boring once you know this party trick! Forget palm reading, tea leaf reading is what it’s all about. All you’ll need is loose-leaf tea, cup, boiling water and willing participants. Do a bit of research and have a go at it yourself (we’re sure hilarious times will ensue!) or get the experts in. Annie from Tea With Annie is the eighth generation of tea leaf readers in her family, and is scarily accurate! Her reading of my tea leaves were spot on (she saw a sewing machine representing fashion, a bald eagle representing future prospects in American and parents unhappy with me still living at home!) and even surprised a number of skeptics sat round the table.


6. Tea + alcohol = an unusual but unexpectedly heavenly combination. Yep, tea is no longer the sober option.

7. No, I don’t mean adding a sneaky nip of whisky to your mug – I mean a combination of alcohol and tea flavours that rival some of the best cocktails you’ve ever had.

8. Of course it helps when you’ve got the brains behind some of the city’s best bars coming up with the flavours. Carry from Golden Monkey created the “Shanghai Iced Tea” made from China Lychee infused black tea, mixed with aloe vera and Ketel One Vodka, while Alex from East End Den’s concoction ‘The Geisha Garden” was a delicious and strong mix of gin and sake, shaken with a homemade gorgeous geisha and apple and thyme syrup.

9. Forget mason jars, these tea inspired cocktails were served in scientific shot glasses, which is probably fitting given the cool techniques used to make them. Mr Big Stuff’s “Mr Tea combined cognac with fresh pressed lemon juice and sense peach green tea syrup topped with cold brew sencha peach green tea, and it was all about smokey and sweet tea-infused bourbon with Evan from Le Bon Ton’s ‘The Grand Dame”.

10. Did you know over 3 billion cups of tea are consumed daily? And that’s not even counting the number of iced tea/tea cocktails I (and hopefully you!) will be consuming this summer! While we can joke that the large majority is probably thanks to Britain’s love of the ‘cuppa’, it’s hard to argue with a crowd that big – tea is tasty, no matter what the season.