The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

This article was first published on Stylizen on 30th December 2014.


In the lead up to attending festivals, I always get the same feeling – a weird mix of excitement and nervousness. What will the weather be like? Will the bands be as good live as I expect? Is my tent complete or is it missing parts? (Yes, that one has happened before!) Luckily, the nerves usually are unfounded and the experience amazing, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if you go in prepared. Which is where this festival survival guide comes in. We’ve rounded up the 13 essential products you’ll need to survive whichever festival you’re heading to this summer. It’s not quite glamping, but it will make any camping that little bit more comfortable.


The starting point for any festival survival kit is something to pack it into. Not only have backpacks come back into style, they’re also a great size to fit everything you need in while remaining a manageable size to carry around. It’s important to choose something that is practical, but can also act as the finishing touch to your daily outfits. We recommend a neutral leather backpack, one that will weather whatever conditions get thrown at it, but is an investment piece that will last for years to come.


When you’re away from your campsite for the whole day drinking and dancing to great music, you can easily get dehydrated. A drink bottle is a must. Keep it with you at all times and fill up whenever you pass a water station.Sunscreen is a similar one – you don’t want to be caught without it! A high SPF quick dry lotion will do the trick and ensure you leave the festival without crippling pain from burn or embarrassing tan lines.

It may come as a surprise to festival first-timers, but it’s not uncommon for the days to be boiling and the nights to drop to what feels like sub zero temperatures. Shorts and a top will not be enough for these times! Jump on the onsie bandwagon (we promise you won’t be alone) and continue to party on til the early hours of the morning in warmth and comfort. Go for a novelty onesie or a more refined navy one complete with hood.

If you’re like me and attract mosquitoes wherever you go, insect repellent is a no-brainer. It may not smell the best but the eau de Aeroguard will be worth bite free legs I promise! Small size roll-on bottles are easy to apply and don’t weigh a ton. Another essential is definitely a pack of band-aids. Incredibly versatile, use them for blisters, cuts and grazes, patching holes in your tent or holding things together if the situation gets really dire…

Talking of dire situations, we come to festival toilets. While they have improved over the last few years, when it’s the last day and the toilet paper has all but run out, they are not a place you want to spend any more time than necessary. Packing your own emergency roll of toilet paper, using hand sanitiser and taking a friend to guard the door with you makes the experience a little bit easier (and hygienic!)



When it comes to looking good while camping, there is good news. Forget bringing your whole make-up bag – you’ll sweat most of it off by the end of the day and find it hard to apply if you’re just using the reflection of your phone. Instead all you’ll need is a few good base products. A tinted moisturiser will care for your skin while providing coverage, while waterproof mascara will see you through the day without the need to reapply. Spray some sea salt spray in your hair when you wake up for effortless looking beach waves that won’t betray the fact you haven’t washed your hair in days. Use dry shampoo for times when you can bear that feeling no longer.



The final few items we’ve included in our festival survival guide won’t save your life, but they will ensure you’re amongst the most on trend and stylish in attendance. A flower crown has become obligatory festival wear, while metallic body tattoos strike the perfect balance of hippy and boho-chic and are set to be this season’s must-wear festival accessory. The final item is perfect for channeling the ultimate Kate-Moss festival style or for pretending you’re at Glastonbury – gumboots. Eschew traditional khaki for a killer orange pair.