How To Be Beautifully Sun Smart: 10 Best SPF Beauty Products

This article was first published on Stylizen on 13th January 2015.


With holidays now just a distant memory (and the countdown already on til the next one!) it can be easy to lose the sunsmart habits you picked up during summer. While sunscreen may seem like an unnecessary product once days are no longer spent by the pool or the beach, the truth is that as long as the sun is out, you should be wearing it.

“But what if I’m in the office all day?” I hear you ask. It doesn’t matter. Every bit of sun exposure counts and will have an effect on your skin – you don’t have to be out actively sunbathing to do damage. Protecting your skin with sun protection will keep it looking and feeling healthier and – as an added bonus – more youthful too.

The good news in all this is that it’s never been easier to incorporate sunsmart products into your beauty routine – no slimy application of sunscreen required.


Our face is often the first and most obvious place that we see sun damage, so it’s important to ensure it receives maximum protection. Depending on what you’re doing during the day, there are a number of options to incorporate products with SPF into your daily beauty regimen. In summer, it’s always nice to keep things light and natural, so a BB (Beauty Balm) Cream is a great option to provide coverage without the cake face. Jbronze Daily Beauty Balm comes in a range of shades and SPF 50 to protect your face all day. If the day calls for fuller coverage, then go for a foundation that also boasts a high sun protective factor, like the Ella Bache Sunbase SPF 30+ foundation. Alternatively, if you’ve found your perfect foundation and it doesn’t have SPF, then add a few drops of Dermalogica’s Solar Defence Booster SPF 50+ to the mix, or use a primer like Laura Mercier Foundation Primer SPF 30 underneath to give your skin a glowing but protective base.


While it may be covered up more in the office compared to lazing by the pool, it’s still a good idea to protect the rest of your body from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure. A nourishing moisturizer like Aesop’s Protective Body Lotion SPF 50 can be applied in the morning after your shower, while keeping a tube of Natio Wellness Hand Cream in your handbag at all times will ensure your hands stay soft and younger looking for longer, preventing the appearance of sunspots. It’s never a bad idea to look after your lips either, with plenty of lipsticks now including SPF like Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte, or for a more causal look, just add a slick of Aesop’s Protective Lip Balm.


If you’re not wearing a hat, then you risk exposing your hair to serious sun damage too. Aveda’s Suncare Protective Hair Veil protects hair for up to 16 hours by forming an invisible screen to minimize colour fadage, damage and dryness. The nourishing mix of green tea extract, vitamin E, organic shea butter and coconut oils also means it conditions and detangles while smelling good too.


And don’t think men can get away with no sun protection once beach days are over either! Whether it’s on your commute to work or dabble in the garden at the weekend, being sunsmart is not optional. The simple introduction of a moisturizer or lotion with SPF like Kiehls’ Facial Fuel or Clinique’s SPF 21 Moisturiser into your shaving or daily morning routine will make all the difference.


…Then this a great sunscreen to keep on hand! Suitable for all the family (including those with sensitive skin),Neutrogena’s Beach Defence Sunscreen has a high SPF, goes on lightly and quickly and is waterproof. Talk about multitasking!