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Early End For Veteran’s Service

WARRNAMBOOL’S Veteran Access Network (VAN) office will close sooner than planned. Image: Damian White. WARRNAMBOOL STANDARD, JULY 2014

In Fashion, Retro’s So Tomorrow | FEATURE

FROM catamarans and crockery, to go-go boots and genuine pieces from the 1930s and ’40s, Warrnambool’s op shops and vintage stores are a treasure trove of undiscovered gems with stories to tell. FEATURE // THE WARRNAMBOOL STANDARD, JULY 2014. Image: LEANNE PICKETT

Alex Roars Again After Tumour Trauma

GAME of Thrones’ Westeros might need to watch out for dragons, but Warrnambool has nothing to fear from its own much friendlier reptile, Alex the bearded dragon. THE WARRNAMBOOL STANDARD, JULY 2014.

Fitzroy’s Super Cool Emporium Brings Welcome Kaleidoscope of Colour

On a long, grey and busy industrial Fitzroy Street, the new Super Cool Emporium brings a welcome kaleidoscope of colour.

Hitching A Husky Ride

SOME people drive, others walk, but when Jeffrey Vizon has somewhere to go, he prefers something a little more special — a husky-towed skateboard. PHOTO: DAMIAN WHITE

South-west service honoured during NAIDOC Week.

ALMOST a third of Victorian Aborigines who served Australia during World War I originated from the south-west region, and are among those honoured in this year’s NAIDOC week.

Auction Fund-raiser supports family

The community will rally together to raise funds to support the young family of Jock Anderson, who was killed in a tragic accident two weeks ago. Picture: VICKY HUGHSON

The Final Chapter for Bookshops?

With challenges seemingly coming from all directions, significant changes in the book industry mean times are tough for bricks and mortar booksellers. Are they still relevant, and what does their future look like? Brittany Stewart reports.

Fifty Shades of Mary-Sue

Examining why it is women who tend to be the most active of participatory audiences, the concept of ‘Mary Sue’ in fan fiction and looking at the theory of textual poaching in regard to the Fifty Shades of Grey “phenomenon”.

Local Label From Britten Awarded Top Fashion Prize

Melbourne based label From Britten take out the top National Designers Award 2013.

Finding My Feet Again In England

An article about coming to terms with not knowing where you belong – torn between my past in the UK and present in Australia. Published by The International Telegraph print & online.

Where Are All The Kangaroos Down Under?

This article was originally published in August 2009, and appeared in both the print and online edition of The International Telegraph. Where Are All The Kangaroos Down Under? Life Down Under wasn’t quite what… Continue reading